Teeth Whitening
It is normal for teeth to lose their shine and color due to age, coffee stains, tobacco use, or other factors. At Dental Time, our experienced, professional and friendly staff can help you get your teeth back in shape.

Your smile is your first impression, so keep it nice!

At Dental Time we get our patients involved in all the decisions that affect their smile, and we ensure that they know all the options so they are able to make the best decision.

Your teeth will look natural

At Dental Time we understand that it is important for you to keep a natural look after whitening treatment. It is for this reason that we use the latest proven techniques to give your bright, white, and shining teeth a natural look and feel.

Keep a youthful smile

As people age it is natural that teeth will lose some of their gleam. Though the aging process is irreversible, treatment to keep healthy shining teeth is available. Call Dental Time for a consultation to keep your teeth looking as youthful as you feel.