When visiting Dental Time, you will experience exceptional service at a competitive prices, which make it a great value for one of the most valuable assets you have, your smile! You will also feel confident that our staff is well versed inthe latest dental procedures.

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Dr. Shabbir Syed, D.D.S

With over 20 years of experience Dr. Shabbir Syed offers a charismatic and gentle approach in dealing with his patients. He makes it a priority to get to know each patient so that they can work together to make the best decisions about their dental health. Dr. Syed understands that every individual has different and unique needs, and his personalized dental care will effectively help each patient achieve his or her most radiant smile.

Michelle, Office Manager

Michelle has many years of dental experience and a cheerful and friendly personality. With her extensive knowledge of dental services and her caring and sincere approach, Michelle makes our patients feel comfortable and welcome. Michelle also has many years of experience helping patients get the most value from their dental insurance.