Root Canal

Root Canal

At Dental-Time in Houston, we look for ways to recover your natural teeth, even when tooth decay or infection advances to the point that it reaches the nerve or tissue inside your tooth that is known as the dental pulp. At these times, root canal therapy may be recommended.

It is possible for Dental-Time dentists to offer this treatment in a relatively painless manner.

In root canal therapy, we remove the infected tissue and then decontaminate the canals before filling them with replacement material. Normally, a porcelain crown is then put on the tooth. Technological advances have allowed root canal therapy to become more automated and completed faster.

When is root canal therapy needed?

• Tooth sensitivity

• Severe tooth pain

• Tenderness or swelling of the gum

• Abscesses

• Trauma or injury to the tooth

• Tooth decay

What happens after the procedure?

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