New Patient Form
Skip the paperwork at the office and fill out the new patient form when it is convenient for you. At Dental Time, we realize that your time is valuable so we have given you the option to download, print and fill out this form and submit it at your appointment.

Why do you need my health history?

It is essential that we know some of your health background to serve you correctly and safely. Knowing your health background allows us to better personalize your care.

We offer this convenient Patient Information Form for you to fill out and bring with you. CLICK HERE

Privacy policy

We take privacy issues very seriously and we want to assure you that your information is safe, secure and protected. You can trust our office to handle your files within the parameters of the HIPPA law and beyond.

I don't have a printer...

Not a problem. Peruse the form to ensure you have all the required documents before you come to our office, and give yourself a few extra minutes before your appointment to complete it.